marijn roos lindgreen

147kg is an ongoing sculptural project which takes 147 kilograms of paraffin wax as its starting point. The wax is white in color, odorless, slightly translucent, and has a melting point of around 60 °C. Heat facilitates transformation. It can be shaped and reshaped and reshaped again, without loss of material. This project consists of consecutive installments. With each installment the material takes on another shape. Each shape expresses another idea about space and its boundaries, considering them as fluid, relative, dependent – just as the wax that is used to construct them.

In response to Living Art Labs open call City in Transition, I proposed to install the 147 kilograms of wax in three different forms over the course of one month – reshaping the wax twice, on location.
All installations put the wax to use as an architectural material. They do this by taking on an architectural function: to signal place. Morphing from one type of place-definition to the next, the installations continue on the idea of a flexible architecture.

The first formation will explore the idea of demarcation by separation;
the second the idea of differentiating area by differentiating surfaces;
the third the idea of landmark as a sign of recognition.